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  Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Sanghi.TV... working on the site folks... go watch some crazy videos... most of the music videos are up right now, some of the music videos don't work, and might be in and out for a few days... we are aware of the situation and are working on the solutions...

We are still refining this section, so check back often!

-- Neel K. Sanghi

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Music Videos

On Demand Music Videos

You can browse the music videos alphabetically by the Artist's name. We have over 2500+ music videos on demand! NO POPUPS - Garaunteed!!

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All On-Demand Music Videos

Streaming Music Television Channels

These music television channels stream music videos, interviews, and reality programming 24/7. Some of them are in foriegn languages such as Hungarian, Polish , Russian, French, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, or etc....

Mania TV - Live Internet Television Channel
ManiaTV Channel

PartyTV - Hungarian Rave Television Channel
PartyTV Channel

tvFLY - Polish Music Television Channel
tvFLY Channel

tvFLY - African Music Television Channel
AfricaHit Channel

Best of YouTube on demand channel launched, CNN news added, and CartoonsFree.TV added

Live Streams and Moodskins are back!

National Weather & Global Quake Data Released!

Music Videos Back Up!

New Channel: SunVibz TV

New Channel: AfricaHit

New Channel: PartyTV

New Channel: ManiaTV!

Active Science News Feeds: M>5 Earthquake Data, Nanotechnology news, Academy of the Sciences, USGS

NASA Channel Active

Upgraded to Xeon Servers

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